With a long history of passion for food, we started Georgia Southern Fried Chicken to take the traditional Southern style menu to new culinary heights. We cook food that excite people’s taste buds and make them come back for more. We do this by using the best quality, fresh meat, vegetables, and other ingredients.

It’s like we always say: “If it’s not fresh, it’s not served.”


Our vision is to deliver the highest quality food, outstanding service and a positive impact that touches everyone heart through their tongue. We want our customers to remember the taste and feel the urge to return.


Apart from our award-winning recipes, servings of Southern delights, and our service with a smile:

  • You are not charged for extra roll, jalapeno peppers, or our in-store, homemade gravy.

However, plan your visit on any weekday or Saturday as the staff at GFC takes Sundays off to be with their families. We believe work life balance is important and that’s how we care about our people.